About Us

MF Building Design is a South Australian company providing building design, cad drafting, 3D design modeling, project management services and much more. 

We have over 13 years experience delivering a range of different projects where our expertise allows the latest building and design innovation, making sure you receive the highest level of quality and service. 

Using our knowledge from years of experience as an advantage, we take numerous factors into consideration starting with passive solar design, local materials, environmental factors, cultural factors, financial,  energy use, water use and sustainable landscapes. 

The design process has potential to be confusing and complicated. At Michael Fogarty Building Design our team of experienced professionals are able to manage the process from start to finish of your unique project, striving to help identify exactly what you want. 

Guiding you from brief development, concept design, obtaining council approvals and into the construction stage, our custom experience for your individual project allows a more intimate and personal understanding.

At MF Building Design we are proud of our South Australian heritage. The team understands that South Australia has a strong vernacular design that responds critically to the environment, lifestyle factors, social factors and our culture. Although South Australia’s building design history may be comparatively short, it has a rich context that is still relevant today. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of traditional building techniques and materials and how to apply them to contemporary buildings to suit modern 21st century living.

At Michael Fogarty Building Design we have built an excellent rapport with a range of consultants which allows us to provide a complete and comprehensive service and ensure your project runs smoothly.

Who we are

Michael Fogarty

With over 10 years of experience in the design and building industry, Michael is passionate about design and construction. Michael's experience extends across all sectors from commercial to industrial design, but he is specifically passionate about new home design and residential extensions. He particularly enjoys the residential field predominantly helping people creatively achieve their vision for their home, whilst having a strong understanding of a wide variety of construction techniques and building materials. 

As the director of MF Building Design, Michael oversees all design, drafting, detailing and construction – leading projects to deliver within timeline and budget constraints 


Master of Architecture, Adelaide University – 2018

Bachelor of Architectural Design, Adelaide University – 2014 

Diploma of Building Design and Technology, Marleston TAFE – 2010 

Certificate 1V in Residential Drafting, Marleston TAFE – 2007